31 March, 2009


i got out of the habit of posting my images to flickr and am rediscovering why i started doing it in the first place. photos uploaded to flickr are so much more beautiful than those uploaded to blogger or facebook.

i heart flickr!


i'm unpacked and back to work in the studio this afternoon. i have many photos of my trips to both santa fe and puerto vallarta. i've uploaded several to my flickr photostream.

more to come. loads of catching up to do!


28 March, 2009

last day in mexico

today is our last day in mexico. we've been here for 9 days! it feels like not enough time and a long time all at once. i have taken hundreds of photos while i've been here. when i get home i will have to sort through them and share them here.

our workshop was so much fun! we had a wonderful group of women who made the best stuff i've seen in a long time. i will return to my studio filled with new energy and inspiration.

adios for now.

23 March, 2009

el malecon

steph and i took a bus into town again last night for her birthday. this photo is from our first trip to the water. so many photos to go through and still many days left of class and exploring.

22 March, 2009


steph and i spent our first day {yesterday} exploring. we took a bus into town and walked all day. enjoyed a beautiful outdoor lunch and a few beers. set up the studio at hacienda mosaico and went swimming in the pool late last night. students arrive today!

18 March, 2009

i heart santa fe

on a walk in santa fe with steph + gail. after visiting the museum of international folk art. the girard wing made our socks go up and down. santa fe is pure magic. more photos in progress.

17 March, 2009

a post from the sky

santa fe is magic! steph and gail and i had too much fun together exploring. i took this photo just before touching down for a layover in salt lake city.


07 March, 2009

saturday studio

working and dreaming of santa fe...

04 March, 2009

01 March, 2009

news from the studio

the month of march is a busy busy one. i have several projects going on the two big ones are bead fest in santa fe, new mexico and a week long workshop in puerto vallarta, mexico. i think i can safely say my dull edges will be sharpened after these two big adventures!

i look forward most of all to spending time with my favorite pals!

i may find time to leave you with a photo of new work but things are pretty wild in the studio. piles scattered about, projects in need of finishing, things that need to be packed up. so, for now i offer you a photo i took last summer.