24 December, 2008

joyous wishes to you!

wishing you the happiest moments with your special people. i am off for the rest of the year to enjoy time with family + friends, crochet a little, go for a winter walk, watch several movies, do some baking and finish up a few projects for upcoming workshops. i don't think i mentioned steph and i are teaching a class at bead & button this year!

the big S A L E going on in my shop will end december 31. if there is anything there you would like, get it now. a sweet valentine's SHOP is in the works for january!

peace to you and yours,


22 December, 2008


looking out my studio window into the backyard.

everything is covered in a thick layer of snow and ice. it continues to snow huge this morning. i think another 8 inches has fallen since i woke up. as i type i just heard a branch snap off the big tree in my back yard.

21 December, 2008

open studio

below shots from my super tidy studio before everyone arrived. outside it was snowing giant snowflakes. we got 8 inches of snow saturday evening.


17 December, 2008

corners of my studio

photo above, jordy's board in my studio. he's all about scary. except for the pink scarf...
we are still all about snow and ice here. so today i pile on sweaters, make things and clean up the studio. if you live in my area {salem, oregon} and would like to come to my open studio/gift show this weekend and you are not a serial killer, email me and i'll give you directions to my place. if you already know how to get here please stop by!

open studio/gift show
@ meesh's studio
saturday december 20
*hours 1pm - 4pm
stop by for cheese and wine, see new work
and pick up unique jewelry gifts!

14 December, 2008

jordy's new pink scarf

sadly i didn't make it to the winter handmade bazaar. the snow came down and roads & bridges were icy and as much as i wanted to, it just wasn't wise to drive up to portland today. bummer.

instead i sipped coffee and broke out the crochet hook and made jordy a new scarf. he requested pink! i love how he is fearless about color.

10 December, 2008

winter handmade bazaar

winter handmade bazaar
sunday december 14
@ p:ear
338 NW 6th Ave.
portland, oregon
*sale runs from 12noon - 5pm

if you live in portland stop by! i've never done this show and i'm thrilled to be part of it. my newly turned 14 year old helper seren doodle noodle will be there assisting me!

08 December, 2008


birdy-delivers-love-letter - birdy handmade by steph, love-letter handmade by meesh

steph and i have been busy creating a rad collection of jewelry for your viewing and buying pleasure! We are pleased with our new designs and think you will be too. Our shop is freshly stocked with goodies to delight your eyeballs and adorn your body!

it's hard to name a favorite, i love skull fruit salad and black hearts bloom is a stunner!

03 December, 2008

new blog

a new blog is born! here i will share photos from my world, studio news and an inspiring link from time to time. the photo above was taken when there were still crunchy golden leaves blowing around and the sky was still blue sometimes.

peace out.