15 February, 2009

spring, is that you?

the sun is out, the sky is blue! i don't need a coat outside today. it's so nice to work with the studio door open and a nice breeze blowing through.

i made the butterfly necklace above for my friend mike kattelman's daughter. the butterfly was his idea. i had never made one before. it was a fun project! i kept it simple as his daughter is young.

back to the flame for me. the santa fe show is coming up in a few weeks! then i turn around and head to mexico with steph for our workshop in puerto vallarta! so, i'm pretty much going to soak up some sun rays soon, if spring sticks around oregon or not.

p.s. it's not too late to sign up for the workshop in mexico. there are a few spaces open.

later taters,

13 February, 2009

happy valentine's day


10 February, 2009

images from last weekend

last weekend i had the honor of photographing mary's 100th birthday party. she looked so beautiful. her laughter filled my heart and made me smile all day. it was a georgeous drive up to washington saturday, blue sky + sunshine both ways. mt hood looked stunning. i drove with the windows down. frightened rabbit was the perfect soundtrack for the day.

05 February, 2009

sprout bracelets

just added these cute little sprout bracelets to the shop!

03 February, 2009

weekend workshop

my workshop in chinook last weekend was so much fun! i can't say enough nice things about marion and vickie. they made me feel like part of their family and i really felt loved.

my students were awesome and made great stuff!

i look forward to going back for a visit soon. if you are thinking about teaching a workshop at m&d designs or taking a workshop, make it happen. it's a wonderful place filled with the nicest community of people you can imagine.

i even miss that shitty little dog bandit. who no matter how hard i tried to make her love me, rejected and yelled at me all weekend. up you bandit!