25 January, 2009

facebook, i wish i knew how to quit you.

my name is meesh and i'm addicted to facebook. it started out as innocent fun but has now turned into a decent size time suck. my wall has taken a naughty turn thanks to my bud steph. i now have to accept 'friends' with a disclaimer warning them about the twisted humor i share with my pals.

23 January, 2009

not crafty

i hoped to announce i would be participating in the feb. 8th crafty wonderland show in portland. i just found out i wasn't accepted.

re-jec-tion! said aloud in my best cajon man voice.

20 January, 2009


change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. we are the ones we've been waiting for. we are the change that we seek. -barack obama

16 January, 2009


i made the clouds above using a combination of wet and needle felting techniques. i'm lucky to have learned from the best felt guru in the universe. they are for a very special hearts and bones studio project. the photo is terrible. it was dark and 'cloudy' outside when i photographed them.

peace out,


15 January, 2009

shrink dinks + make earrings with steph + meesh

we are teaching a super fun shrink plastic earring class at bead and button this year! registration has begun! we look forward to getting down with shrinky dinks and laughing until we pee our pants {or at least until i do}.

p.s. i just added this and this to the shop! there are also a few cute strands of small beads too.

11 January, 2009

adventures in mexico!

photo taken by kate mckinnon

behold lovely humans,

steph and i would love if you would join us in mexico! i just sent out a mailing to those of you on our hearts and bones studio mailing list. for those who aren't on our email list, you can view the mailer here.

i haven't sent out an official email to my mailing list but wanted to mention, i will have a rotating cast of valentine goodies in my shop now through february. i will be adding new things to the shop frequently and many of the offerings will be one of a kind. don't miss out!

01 January, 2009

happy new year! happy new work!

above 'felty valentine' earrings

i just added new work to my shop. i will be adding more beads over the next few days and i will keep the valentine shop fresh through february!

below 'magical mustache' beads

wishing you a happy new year filled with joy, abundance, peace and silly moments that will make you laugh until you pee!